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I am passionate about ethical sourcing of my materials. Registered with the Fairtrade Foundation I work in Fairtrade and recycled gold and silver and responsibly-sourced gemstones.

The striking rock textures of south Devon’s landscape influence my work: formed by huge volcanic forces and pounded over time by weathering and water, their surfaces are pitted, ridged and furrowed. I am interested in how metals too can be manipulated and textured. I use a method of die-printing - piercing, punching and hammering textured papers to create my dies before roller-printing them onto precious metal. I combine this method with traditional goldsmithing techniques such as forming, forging and fusing.

I buy my gems only from trusted companies who are dedicated to improving the lives of artisanal and small-scale miners - a huge number of them women - around the world. Paying fair prices, creating transparent supply chains, restoring the environment and building longterm resilience are their aims and if my jewellery can support that I’m only too delighted.

My work is for sale from Chagford's Artisan Makers Shop:
01647 432 414

I am taking part in Devon Open Studios 2022 from Saturday 10 September until Sunday 25 September when I will be joining painter and printmaker Judith Woodings ( in her studio. We will be welcoming visitors to workshops and demonstrations in Ringmore with artist and art psychotherapist Laura Butt ( For more information about these workshops please check my website later in the summer.

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