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23 Court Drive
EX15 1AX

Cullompton painting

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Annie lives and works in Cullompton.

She was a Secondary school Art teacher for many years and has always pursued her own creative interests in her free time.

Annie likes to experiment with a wide range of media, but recently mostly works with acrylics, oil-pastels, watercolours and crayons. Lately she works at home in her study/studio, so her pieces are not large, although in the past she has produced a lot of really big works using a palette knife or sponges – These have generally been for commission for people’s homes, although she has had some successful solo or group exhibitions.

She paints many landscapes of local scenes and of places of interest which she has visited. She has made a large number of close-up studies of flowers, trees and plants. Rock faces, pebbles and roof-tops are particular favourites too. She is fascinated by details in nature and really loves working with vibrant, strong colours. Some of her work is semi-abstract, although most pieces are fairly figurative.

Annie belongs to the Artisans – a small group of artists and craft workers – who show in the Walronds, in the town centre, on the second Saturday of most months. She is also a Trustee of The Cullompton Arts House. This is a registered charity which supports and promotes the Arts in the Culm Valley and surrounding areas.

These days Annie is kept very busy with work on commission – often making family home studies, painting portraits, creating pieces for children’s rooms or pictures of pets. For her own pleasure she is currently making a series of semi-abstract canvases featuring pattern in nature and using very limited colour palettes.

Annie Tildesley Work