Anne Henriksen

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Since my childhood in Sweden when I was taught art and sewing in school, I have always enjoyed making things and dreamt of a future as an artist. Life intervened and I worked for a living, as well as bringing up a child and seeing my parents off.

After completing a Ba(Hons) in large scale metalwork at Plymouth college of Art and Design I spent the next twenty years working as a taxi driver and travelling as much as I could.

This took me to the ancient Buddhist temple Boroboudor in Java, Indonesia. It is covered in thousands of stone carvings depicting the teachings of the Buddha and is truly amazing.

I was inspired to learn stone carving and I discovered that was the medium that spoke to me. My sculptures are often made from reclaimed Bath stone or discarded Portland stone.

Nature in its many forms, landscape, trees, humans all inspire me and now I am retired from driving, I have the time to dedicate myself to further explorations.

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