Anne Amosford

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Anne Amosford Bio

Anne is an artist whose inspiration can be drawn from anything that captures her imagination whether it is an inanimate object, overheard conversations or just starting with the title of an exhibition proposal. Always searching for the unusual and quirky a work can go in any direction once a connection is found. Recurring themes are forgotten histories, hidden narratives and the unseen.
The process of research and planning are very important to Anne’s exploration. Particularly interested in the historic construction of textiles and skills that have been lost she often draws on her expertise as a textile conservator. Utilizing traditional techniques, exploring and learning new methods to fit the desired outcome. Anne embraces any material that is relevant to her current inspiration but returns to paper, metal, graphite, and found items.
Anne is a member of PRISM Textiles, an International exhibiting group and South West Textiles Group.

Anne Amosford Work