Anna Elizabeth

Contact Information Newton Abbot jewellery, mixed media, painting, paper, textiles Teignbridge

Anna Elizabeth Bio

My artwork has grown from an interest in texture and how the process of layering up colours and fabrics create their own perspective. Like many others, I also started by seeing how weather, season and time changed the feel of the natural landscapes around me. The low light of morning and evening, wet weather and quiet colours would be just as energising as the bright sunny days. I have come to know that a finished piece of work is one where there is a balance between the drama and quiet integrity of the composition.

I use a variety of techniques, with paints, printed papers, scrap fabrics and fibres. What works for me is to develop several pieces at a time and work towards a set of compositions which are capable of depth and texture. There is also the challenge of an absorbing creative process, which is energising in itself and then whether the end result is something I can personally value.

I also work on 3D objects such as wearable art, boxes, bowls and wall hangings of various shapes and sizes. It is still about experimenting with colour and texture.

Anna Elizabeth Work