Anna Elizabeth

Contact Information Newton Abbot jewellery, mixed media, painting, paper, textiles Teignbridge

Anna Elizabeth Bio

My work is an exploration of textures which are created with paint and paper and then a layered up with different materials.

What holds my attention is the juxtaposition of muted colours, complex patterns and abstract mark-making. The composition emerges from the relationship between these elements.

My landscapes begin with observing what is around me and how it makes me feel. The gentle light of morning and evening, wet weather and quiet colours have the power to refresh and engage. There is often a creative balance between the drama and then the quiet integrity of the natural world.

I also make 3D objects such as wearable art, boxes, vessels and wall hangings of various shapes and sizes. It is using a variety of techniques to explore how form, texture and colour work alongside one another.

Anna Elizabeth Work