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32 Newlands Park

Seaton drawing, painting East Devon

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My first and only true art lesson came in primary school aged 6 looking at a schoolmates drawing of a rather elegant woman walking down the street. No round headed stick lady for her, but a realistic representation of a human being. I was fascinated. How did she do that? Then it clicked - she drew what she saw - simple! I tried it and it worked for me too and I have never looked back. Thanks you Stephanie B. I specialise in animal art and pet portraits in pastel, acrylic and pencil but the subject is less important for me than a successful outcome. Just as long as I am painting. Past commissions have included trains, an oil tanker Romsey Abbey and one included the Forth Bridge, 4 pets and the family home all in one painting. That one was a real challenge. I am a self-taught artist who like many was guided into more secure forms of employment when I was young and for a time felt I had missed out on precious developmental years. However, I have noticed over the years in other areas of my life, that quite often after a break, you automatically and magically improve your abilities. I have found this to be true with my artwork to the point where I am now beginning to explore an area of art that I never had the time of day for before - abstract art - another challenge. For me the art is in the detail and it has taken many years for me to let go of the actual detail and be more subtle in its representation. However, it is the tilt in the head, that stray wisp of hair, the crease in the clothing that move me to paint a subject, and the fascination of the interaction of colour and the play of light.

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