Alistair Lambert

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Odhams Wharf,

Topsham carving, ceramics, installation, metal, mixed media, other, sculpture, wood Exeter

Alistair Lambert Bio

Alistair Lambert's sculptures are process driven responses to specific locations, communities and events. His work inhabits the space between the flat plane and expanded volumes that occupy and adapt to the spaces around them. He sees sculpture as an essential human response to the flow of time and our need to simultaneously resist and surrender to it.

Alistair also specialises in intensive sculpture making workshops. Since the early 1990's he has inspired groups of all ages to use accessible techniques to generate exciting collaborative sculptures, many of which remain in place for several years. He runs workshops in schools, for events and increasingly uses reclaimed and recycled materials. He is currently setting up his new studio base in Topsham near Exeter as a waterside destination for public participation in making scupture.

Alistair Lambert Work