Alex Boon Art

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The Nature Journaling Centre at Umborne Bridge Studio
Unit 1 Dolphin Street
EX24 6LU

Seaton drawing, mixed media, painting East Devon

Alex Boon Art Bio

Alex Boon is an artist and nature journaling educator from East Devon, UK. He earned a Ph.D. in environmental science before working in postdoctoral research and scientific communication roles. Alex left academia, moved to the rural south-west, and started his first nature journal in 2016. He now teaches both online and in-person workshops and courses and is active on YouTube and Instagram (both @alexboonart). His style is inspired by the British tradition of artists recording nature, particularly Edith Holden, Beatrix Potter, and Charles Tunnicliffe. His mission is to promote the wider uptake of nature journaling in the UK. He teaches both online and in-person nature journaling workshops and courses. The current in-person teaching schedule is at and online classes are available at

Alex was recipient of a 2023 Devon Open Studios Emerging Artist Bursary Award and the 2023 Joanna Radford Prize for Excellence.

Alex Boon Art Work