Lu Hillier

Find Your Fire

In my Devon studio, I work with layers of neutrals and vibrant accent colours in expressive forms, typically with acrylic on canvas. My artwork inspires positivity and celebrates inner strength to ignite the power we hold within ourselves.

Find Your Fire is one part of two paintings, and belongs to a recent abstract series titled ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’, which represents my long journey to self care. The forms and colours express significant emotions and capture the moments of joy where I have instilled positive change, formed new habits and found a new enlightening and rewarding path. They are a reminder to myself and the viewer to listen to and be guided by your intuition. A reminder that the future holds great things and that we have the ability to create the reality we desire. A reminder to stand by our beliefs, find inner strength and take back our power.

61 x 61 cm Acrylic on canvas.


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