Louise Bougourd

Painting with watercolour has always brought immense pleasure. The immediacy, the fluidity and transparency have always thrilled me but, I found I was becoming restless desiring something more, something different.  I enrolled on a 3 day course with Gareth Edwards and my artistic world changed overnight. I had no idea you could use oil paint in the same way as watercolour, drippy, luscious and exciting giving a depth that I couldn’t achieve with watercolour. Wow!  Watercolour remains important in my art practice sitting happily next to oil.

The piece featured in Journey represents a pivotal point in my practice, and highlights how my creative journey has evolved as I move between watercolour and oil painting. The visual language is the same, but in a different medium permitting me to achieve a luscious effect on the surface.

Website: www.louisebougourd.co.uk

Instagram: louise_bougourd_art