‘Let’s Face It’ Portrait Sculpture Exhibition

Event Date: 7th Aug 2023 - 12th Aug 2023

‘Why don’t you do some sculpture for yourself?’

It was this throw-away remark from my partner in 2013 that set me on my current exciting journey…

With over 30 years experience working as an artist, mainly in puppet animation and model making, I now concentrate on sculpting portrait heads of humans and animals in clay.

I work at home in a small leaking conservatory that boils in the summer and freezes in winter, but it’s my space and when I’m creating it’s just the best feeling! One of the rare occasions in life where I’m in the moment. I will often create a portrait head without giving it too much thought – my hands do the work…

I’ve been sculpting human and animal heads in clay which are then moulded in rubber and cast in resin which is often combined with iron, wood, jute and reclaimed metals. My resulting sculptures have a sense of fragility and porosity. Maybe it’s my past work in animation that I gravitate toward theatricality and experimentation that can result in quirky and bold compositions.

I was thrilled to exhibit at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2019, with a sculpture of my great-nephew entitled ‘Cheeky Chester’.