Launch of website for creative arts is a new travel/short-stay accommodation website aimed squarely at supporting artists and performers across all of the different mediums.

Koldrun allows artists with short-stay accommodation facilities to host other artists that may be visiting the area, travelling, or seeking residential courses, etc. Thereby allowing hosts to accommodate other people with similar interests and to offer support, local information, facilities, etc.  Paying guests support their fellow artists, musicians, photographers, potters, et al, by directing their travel accommodation costs to fellow artists, helping to generate an income for the hosts as well as benefitting from the kind of support, information and facilities that the host may be able to offer.

The owner of the website, Dave Davies is, at times, an itinerant photographer and has experienced both the dearth of contact, info, support and facilities himself whilst travelling, as well as the converse, where finding a kindred spirit, with whom to stay, has made all the difference to the project. Koldrun is in its nascent stage and is looking for hosts to register and create their accommodation and course listings. Listing is free and a commission is charged for successful bookings.

There is also a Facebook group page here where you can post anything relevant to your artistic interests: ideas, projects, examples of work, collaborations, your own business or event contacts.