Latest project news

I am a member of Contemporary Mark Makers and we have been collaborating with the Moors Poets for some time now, on a project called Unearthing Dartmoor. We select locations or qualities about Dartmoor and work together with words and images. We had an exhibition at Birdwood House, Totnes, a couple of years ago and it was such a success we have continued working together. We are designing a book and have a long exhibition at Princetown planned for next year. The group is working on all sorts of aspects of Dartmoor, geography, geology, birds, animals myths and people. We meet in remote village halls or on location from time to time and swap ideas and work together, we also meet on zoom.

My particular interest has been from some poems written about Dartmoor stone, its history and inner life. If you are interested in following go to my Instagram account and see what I am up to. I would welcome comments from you. @rachaelannab