Exhibiting space available at Mary Tavy Coronation Hall

Are you looking to show your work as part of Devon Open Studios in the region of Mary Tavy? If so, there is some space available to exhibit artwork alongside artist Richard Albon at the Mary Tavy Coronation Hall. The room is about 35 feet by 25 feet, allowing enough room for two people to show their work, including Richard.

If you are interested please contact Richard Albon at: 

richard@albon-art.eclipse.co.uk /  01822 810356

To see more of Richards work visit his website here: http://www.richardalbon.co.uk

Remember to take part in Devon Open Studios you need to register here, if you haven’t done so already. Any queries please contact Sarah Chapman at info@devonartistnetwork.co.uk

Featured image by Richard Albon