Colour Chart

Event Date: 16th Apr 2022 - 7th May 2022

Artizan Gallery welcomes West Yorkshire based artist Heather Boxall in an exhibition of her selected works that demonstrate her love and fascination with colour and the multifaceted possibilities of it.

A collaboration with poet Judith Willson has resulted in a collection of poems that reference the colours’ nomenclature. These can be seen alongside monochrome paintings that seek to reinterpret the colours. The colour chart is a format adopted by many artists in various ways. Colour charts came into use by the 1880s as mass production of ready mixed paints came onto the market. Their design established a format that has not changed since that time, a set of individual units arranged in rows and columns. ‘Unlike that of the colour wheel, there is no logic to the sequences of colour ranges…it is a non-hierarchical list of colours.’

Colour Chart runs from 16th April – 7th May with a private viewing on 15th April. For more information on the exhibition visit  or to join us for the launch visit

Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 5 pm