Catherine West

Catherine’s ‘Strength and Fragility’ series has skeleton magnolia leaves as a source of inspiration. She has drawn, stitched, repaired, and printed with dessicated leaves collected from a pink tulip magnolia. The natural cycle of decay reveals the inner strength in a network of surprisingly delicate structures. She has preserved these with silver acrylic to highlight sparkling strength and provide ongoing focus for creative activities, and now if offering a limited number up for sale – for creative inspiration, decoration, and your appreciation.


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Strength and Fragility Set of 4 Notecards and Envelopes, featuring work by Catherine West, bundled with handspun yarn

This set of notecards represents the original works:

Strength & Fragility (a lace scarf distressed with rusty tools and repaired with a threads, fabrics and stitches)

Leaf & Lace 1 ( an ink and pencil drawing inspired by a skeleton magnolia leaf and a damaged family heirloom)

Carers’ Insight (an eco printed wool rucksack with a skeleton leaf ‘repaired’ with delicate stitches when first created in 2019 – the piece also explores the impact of time on injury and repair, the stitching has outlasted the dessicated leaf and is now stitched into the wool)

What we see and What we focus on – a pen drawing of hydrangea flowers in a vase, with focus on the dying bits rather than the highlights


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Nature Knows the Way Print

Mounted to 12×18 (Charcoal or Golden Mink)

This pen drawing is a detailed study of the intricacies of a skeleton magnolia leaf at several times life size and reveals a topographic landscape within a single leaf. This artist print is on archival mat 189 gsm paper. Please note there is no pink block or labelling – this is for copyright control online. 


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