Avenda Burnell Walsh 

I Draw Breath

Slow, slow I draw breath, my breath

So I might breathe it out on paper.

My breath. Drawn down to belly and toes,

Drawn in, passing colours through closed eyes,

Feeling a path through charcoaled fingers

It lingers in the air and then exhales.

Light, hard, left, right, loose, tight.

To rub or shove, or stretch and curl,

The graphite whorl spells out drawn breath

Across the page of freedom unseen before me.

I will not look yet.

Let the ink jet black unfold its surprise.

Aah, eyes unfurl. Yes. I have drawn breath.

I am a Devon artist, having studied art, drama and film at Exeter University and the University of California (Santa Barbara). Atelier Avenda, French for my gallery, rambled around France with me for a decade. Now with the Teign Estuary outside my balcony and the salt air blowing across my face I have a woodburning stove at my feet and I am becoming fascinated by faces, figures and abstractions. In essence my work is getting a bit weird, but I like it that way.

Website: avenda.uk

Facebook: Avenda Burnell Walsh 

Instagram: @rebelwithoutherdrawers