Artist opportunity

Finch Foundry, a National Trust museum, has accepted a proposal to host an exhibition in the grounds of its garden. This is an exciting opportunity to host an innovative art show in a very unique setting. Please see below for the agreed terms and how to take part. You can see more about Finch Foundry here.

  • The theme forms a response to the climate crisis and centres around the question of what does it mean to be part of the material world and not separate from it? The week chosen for the show aligns with the big green week.
  • All mediums are accepted as long as they respond to the environmental concerns and messages of the exhibition.
  • All artwork must be family friendly and not political in a way that can be seen as offensive. The show intends to empower and unite.
  • The grounds are open to the public at night, set within a quiet rural location. The risk of damage to work is minimal but artists must agree and understand that their work will not be securely locked at night time.
  • All artists must acquire public liability insurance.
  • There is no available funding currently, but I will be putting in proposals in the new year with the support of the staff at the foundry.
  • There are roles available to artists who wish to be more involved such as being on the curatorial team, marketing, fundraising, poster design etc.
  • All artists will need to complete a risk assessment of their work nearer the time of installation.
  • All artists will need to be responsible for the installation and take down of their own work, but it is hoped we will all work as a team with this.

The Finch staff have offered each partaking artist a day to visit the foundry, free of charge, and will be given a tour of its history.

Artists should apply by email with a short summary of their interests, images of their work and proposed work, showing how it responds to the aims listed above. It is understood however that potential work can change so this is not a binding statement.

Thank you for your interest