Ann Blockley

Coastal Hawthorn 

Moving to Devon was a leap of faith- a huge journey – springing from the desire for new subjects to inspire in fresh ways. I spent a year immersed in my woodland garden and beyond, exploring the poetry of seasons using paint, collage, pottery, and poems.  It resulted in the book – Poetic Woods, published September 14thCoastal Hawthorn is part of this journey.  It began by spreading raw watercolour onto wet paper using my hands and bracken foraged from site.

Ann Blockley is a watercolour and mixed-media artist with an individual style developed over a lifetime of professional painting. Her pictures are evocative, atmospheric and intuitive capturing an elusive air of mystery and magic within Nature that lies tantalisingly between reality and the imagined. Her practice embraces a range of materials and techniques chosen to express the unique interpretations of nature that are her signature themes. Ann has written numerous books on her painting methods, including her most recent book Poetic Woods – Experimental Watercolour and Collage, to be published by Batsford on September 14th 2023.

Ann moved to Devon in 2021. She is a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (RI) and the Society of Women artists (SWA). She is also a member of The Arborealists, a diverse group of artists who value trees and a connection with nature.

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