Alison Summerfield

Memories of Norway


Norway is a country of outstanding beauty. I was fortunate enough to live there for 3 years and be associated with the British Embassy. Each day was a journey of new experiences, and there was always time for hiking, cycling, and my passion cross country skiing. This painting is my homage to that stunning country and its people, and where I left a piece of my heart. As with almost all my work, I paint intuitively as if in the process I am proclaiming my love and gratitude for the natural world.

NORWAY (homage to the bard)

Shall I compare thee to another land
Thou art more beautiful and less temperate:
Cold winds that do shake the birches in May
oft continue to time known as summer
yet still may the sun shine into Autumn
only sometimes its gold complexion dimmed 
rich colours not till November decline
and then nature’s changing course contrasts.
But thy eternal winter shall not fade
Nor lose possession of a skiing season
Nor skiers groan when thou wander’st in their path
and in tree lined tracks we fall and rise again 
So long as I can breath and my legs can ski
So long I for Norway that gives so much to me

Alison Summerfield SWAc Hon


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