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Home Page for Christophe Szpajdel

All my works are handdrawn, using straight pens on A4 paper. There is no computer involved in any stage of my work and all the works you see are scanned directly from the original. I started drawing band logos for metal bands since i was teenager but my directions and clientele underwent a drastic diversification throughout the last years and gained interest through a wide range of walks. I took part in a few international exhibitions like recently the IMG festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Mobile: 07900 844067


 Abigail Williams
CSzpajdel_abigail360.jpg This is the logo I created for this now wellknown band. Abigail Williams played recently at the Plymouth White Rabbit to present their highly acclaimed debut album "In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns" on the leading UK label Candlelight Records 
CSzpajdel_dragonfly.jpg This is a tattoo design for a private client who wanted a stylized Art Nouveau design for the word "Dragonfly". In this one I got mainly inspired by Alphonse Mucha and Hector Guimard 
 Lamentations Of The Ashen
CSzpajdel_lamentation.jpg A very secretive band that has released a fabulous album entitled "In The Burden of the Heart's Plaint" on The Basement Cult Records, in a limited Deluxe digipack edition. The music is a mixture of post rock, depressive black metal lashed with acoustic guitars to give a truly melancholic vibe to that album. Ideal companion for a late november walk on a rainy day in Dartmoor 
CSzpajdel_omitir.jpg This is the logo I created for the Portuguese solo project OMITIR. It never got used anywhere on any of their releases but it captured the essence of the Lusitanian influence that brought my creativity to a higher level. 
 Deborah Dean
CSzpajdel_debs1.jpg This is an example of High Art Deco logo I created for Deborah Dean, someone based in Dawlish. Art Deco logos work perfectly for non-bands commissions and other projects not necessarily related to music 
 Ibex Throne
CSzpajdel_ibexthrone.jpg This is another examle of High Art Deco logo, created for IBEX THRONE, a now defunct band based in Utah. Please note that this commission never got used for a planned Official T-shirt. Although, it remains one of my favorite works 
 Lunar Monsoon
CSzpajdel_lunarmonsoon.jpg This is the logo I created for a band called Lunar Monsoon. A commission that took me a lot of time to be completed. So far I haven't seen any merch released with this logo 
 Magic Green Leaves
CSzpajdel_magicgreenleaves.jpg This logo is designed especially for a seventies stoner rock project that still haven't spread its wings. The band works very slowly and wrote only a couple of songs in the space of a year. 
 Paula Whitfield
CSzpajdel_paulawhitfield.jpg Paula Whitfield is a freelance poet/writer based in Torbay. She released a recueil of poems called "The Repertoire Of Delusions" that I illustrated with various artworks and photos I took in various places of Devon 
CSzpajdel_mullaney.jpg This is a logo where I wanted to integrate elements of Art Deco with the flowing lines of Art Nouveau. I did this lettering purely to play around and experiment new combinations to create something flowing and aesthetically conveying. Karen Mullaney liked it so much that she made of it her profile picture on f/b. Amazing gesture from someone who truly appreciate my art. 
CSzpajdel_ishmael.jpg This logo is for a Plymouth based sludge/stoner/metal band formed around some ex-members of Schiztome. It is showing that everytime I am exploring new directions, my versatility increases. In this case, the Moth has been an ideal inspiration to create this logo. The subject in this one is the Polyphemus moth (Antherocera polyphemus) 
 Samantha Byrne
CSzpajdel_sambyrne1.jpg "Oh, mighty Samantha Byrne, like a seal in dormant waters, rise from the waves of the sea and subjugate thy admirers with contempt" This logo is filled with various inspirations, including Aboriginal art 
 Los Brutos
CSzpajdel_losbrutos.jpg This is an example of massive metal logo, for a band with a raw sound, distorted guitars and guttural vocals. 
 Evening Moor
CSzpajdel_eveningmoor.jpg Evening Moor is a dark ambient project and i got strongly inspired by the vast spreads of tussock with the odd gnarled tree in Dartmoor like in Wistmans Wood on a late autumn cold and dam evening. It is also where I sketched this logo 
CSzpajdel_autism.jpg Autism is a very reclusive down tempo/depresive black metal project around Wu from the band "Be Persecuted". The flowing lines around block characters were an ideal lead to emphasize the cold, wintry and sad character of the music produced by this artist. 2 albums on the german label No Colours records 

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